Ongoing SEO Service
SEO Service Information

Ongoing SEO Service

Search Engine Audience Development

Ongoing SEO Service

Our ongoing SEO service enables us to work consistently to improve and expand your company’s access to relevant local, national and international audiences on search engines.

The primary objective of ongoing service is to increase website content visibility in Google and other search engines. Once we are able to gain significant exposure our efforts shift to keeping that exposure in place.

Service Information

  • Responsive to search engine algorithm updates
  • Supports other digital marketing efforts
  • Service orientated goals
  • Multiple areas of focus
  • Technical SEO emphasis

Responsiveness to Search Engine Updates

We closely monitor the methodologies search engines employ to find and evaluate websites, and are able to quickly implement necessary changes when algorithm updates are made that could potentially affect your website.

Digital Marketing Integrated

Our organic search engine optimization service supports your company's digital marketing and web development efforts by taking into account new content published to your website and blog. Our SEO service benefits paid search campaigns by optimizing key landing page content (lower bounce rates, higher Google Ads Quality Scores) and by expanding search engine visibility for social media profiles.

Ongoing SEO Service Goals

  • Increase and maintain Google organic search engine result visibility
  • Maintain on-site, off-site and technical optimization elements
  • Continuously analyze for opportunities to improve and expand search engine reach
Areas of Focus
  • Analytic Testing
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Business Listing Optimization
  • Canonical Testing
  • Citation and Link Management
  • Crawl Testing
  • Featured and Rich Snippets
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • HTTPS/TLS/SSL Testing
  • Local/National Organization Schema
  • Mobile Friendliness Testing and Optimization
  • On-Site, Off-Site and Technical Optimization
  • Structured Data
  • Website Page Load Speed

Technical SEO

Search engines (and people) love fast loading mobile-friendly websites, which is why we dedicate time for monitoring and maintaining technical optimizations like page load speed, mobile friendliness and site indexation.

Campaign Features

  • Ongoing analysis and implementation
  • Daily critical issue monitoring
  • Weekly reporting
  • Monthly status update

Ongoing Analysis and Service

Each interval begins with an analysis period followed by actual service. During this period, analytic data is reviewed in order to assist with maintaining a strategic approach for your campaign’s primary objective and supporting service goals.

Daily Critical Issue Monitoring

When we launch a new ongoing SEO campaign we also start monitoring important website analytic metrics on a daily basis. If our application detects any of the following issues our team is immediately alerted to investigate.

  • Substantial changes in search engine visibility/rank
  • Website traffic fluctuations larger than 10%
  • Changes in the number of backlinks tracked by Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz

Weekly SEO Report

Our team utilizes key metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console and other sources in order to create custom reports. These weekly reports highlight the number of website visitors from search engines, the keyphrases they used, pages they visited and more.

Reporting Features
  • Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console statistics
  • Top visitor keyphrases and pages visited
  • Site visitor demographics, devices and geographic information
  • Top referral sources and channels
  • Tracking and comparison of top competitors

Monthly Status Updates

Manual email updates directly from our team leads that provide an interface to communicate campaign information, statistics and recommendations.

Getting Started

  • No setup fee
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual billing
  • Monthly agreement or optional contract (MSA/SOW)

After contacting us our team will conduct market research and prepare a custom proposal. This process typically takes us 2-4 days. If our proposal is a good fit we are able to launch most campaigns within a week.

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