SEO vs PPC vs Social Media – Which is best?

The classic digital marketing showdown

This widely circulated graph does an incredible job of encapsulating the purpose of SEO, PPC and social media digital marketing channels.

SEO vs PPC vs Social Media Graph

SEO vs PPC vs Social Media

Which digital marketing channel is best?

The answer is “it depends”, as each digital marketing channel has its specific purpose. If you are running a 1x promotional campaign, paid search and social will get you visitors instantly. If you want to reach relevant visitors over time for a core product or service, investing in managed SEO should be at the top of your list.

Ideally, all digital marketing channels should be leveraged where budgets are allocated based on the desired result.

Why does SEO have the highest quality traffic?

In every circumstance we’ve experienced, visitors from organic search results converted into customers and clients at a much higher rate than paid search (PPC) and social media marketing. This is because intent is built-in, considering that people use search engines for finding specific answers and solutions and how they trust organic results over paid results.

Why is SEO easier to manage?

The costs associated with paid search and social media are ever-increasing as bid rates in competitive markets soar. Every click and interaction cost in paid environments where SEO costs the same each month no matter how many clicks or interactions occur.

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