Consolidated Metco

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Consolidated Metco

  • Location: Vancouver, Washington
  • Type: Enterprise SEO, International SEO, SaaS SEO
  • Workflow: Live dashboard, weekly reporting, quarterly meetings, monthly status updates
  • Scope: 1,000+ pages in multiple languages

Consolidated Metco (ConMet) is a leading supplier for the commercial vehicle industry and operates 12 manufacturing facilities and four technical centers across North America and China, and employs over 6,000 people.

ConMet Digital is a division of ConMet that focuses on developing and providing telematics and electrification solutions for the commercial vehicle industry.

What we did

ConMet reached out to us for assistance with acquiring critical TOFU and BOFU organic search visibility for their OEM and aftermarket products. They were barely visible before we kicked off an SEO campaign that ran for multiple years.

After launching the campaign we made significant non-branded visibility increases in Google for ConMet’s core products and services before the first year was up. This drove waves of never before seen visitors to the website and buy-in to manage SEO for a new division, ConMet Digital.

Google Page 1 Results Graph
Increases: 427% first year, 38% second year, 20% third year

Along with maintaining all previous visibility increases, we repeated similar results for ConMet Digital. We spent the remainder of the campaign further improving visibility and conversions for core and digital products.

How we did it

We developed, implemented and managed a full stack SEO campaign for close to 3 years that was focused on optimizing new and existing content, hreflang attributes, structured data, improving organic CRO, off-site entity optimization and implementing best practices across multiple divisions.

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