Client profile


  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Type: Startup SEO, Paid Search (SEM)
  • Workflow: Weekly reporting, monthly meetings, monthly status updates
  • Scope: 5,000+ pages

Serverless is a cloud computing platform that provides a serverless architecture for building and running applications. This means that developers can write code for specific functions or events without worrying about managing servers or infrastructure.

They also provide several tools and services to help developers build, test and deploy their applications.

What we did

Serverless approached us with the goal of boosting developer sign-ups for their platform. We knew the best way to achieve this was to create, implement and manage a comprehensive multi-month organic and paid search marketing campaign.

Through our efforts, we significantly increased organic and paid search result visibility for keyphrases relevant to specific types of developers. This resulted in an 80% increase in sign-ups by the end of a campaign that ran just under one year.

How we did it

To help Serverless expand its reach to developers, we conducted extensive research on long-tail keyphrases that would resonate with their target audience. Then, we implemented a strategic plan based on our findings to increase organic and paid search result visibility.

Our approach involved collaborating with Serverless’ content development and PR teams to create ad copy and new content and update existing content on their website. By working closely with internal teams, we were able to assist with producing content that not only effectively communicated the value of their services to developers but also ranked well in search results.

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