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We’re driven to do everything possible to understand how search engines find, identify, index and evaluate website content in order to develop effective organic search solutions.

Executive team

Our team has over a decade’s worth of experience providing SEO for organizations in multiple locations and industries.

Josh Laughtland

Josh Laughtland
SEO Consultant and Founder

Josh is a bit old-school, having been optimizing websites for search since the original dot-com boom in San Francisco. And, for always reminding all of us that “he was there, man”. Josh leads our optimization efforts, provides consulting and project management and was a web developer/SEO consultant for over 30 companies before launching Jtree SEO in 2009.

Anne Hopkins

Anne Hopkins
Managing Director

Anne has almost been around as long as our founder and joined Jtree with a strong background in the nonprofit and hospitality industries. She manages strategic implementation, the company’s daily agenda and takes care of our clients, AND is well known for initiating running man dance-off competitions (which she always wins).

Company history

  • Boise SEO born (2009)
    Conceived in the beautiful city of trees, Jtree launched in offices located on Idaho Street just a few steps from the capital.
  • Portland SEO grown (2014)
    Portland has been the perfect city for Jtree to become more integrated with the SaaS, startup and ecommerce communities.

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