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We’re an SEO Company (Not an Agency)

Jtree is a search engine website optimization company based in the US that provides all service and consulting in-house. Our team is driven to do everything possible to understand how search engines find, identify, index and evaluate website content. We utilize this knowledge to assist organizations with managing organic search result visibility in search engines like Google by developing and implementing SEO strategy and workflow.

We achieve our mission:

  • By providing service and consulting centered around guidelines and protocols established by search engines – including Google Webmaster Guidelines and Google Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies.
  • By utilizing over a decade’s worth of direct experience in managing SEO for hundreds of companies.
  • By operating a number of our own websites that receive thousands of visitors every month from organic search results.
  • By contributing to the communities in which we belong with year-round non-profit service donations.

Management Team

Jtree SEO represents a small group of professionals with over 20 years of experience managed by our Founder and Managing Director.

Josh Laughtland – Founder/SEO Consultant

Josh Laughtland

Josh is a bit old-school, having been optimizing websites for search since the original dot-com boom in San Francisco. And, for always reminding all of us that “he was there, man”. Josh leads our optimization team, provides consulting and project management and was a web developer/SEO for multiple companies before launching Jtree SEO in 2009.

Anne Hopkins – Managing Director

Anne Hopkins

Anne has almost been around as long as our Founder and joined Jtree with a strong background in the nonprofit and hospitality industries. She manages strategic implementation, the company’s daily agenda and takes care of our clients, AND is well known for initiating running man dance-off competitions (which she always wins).


Jtree started in beautiful Boise, Idaho and has since expanded to Portland, Oregon where our team provides service and consulting for companies located throughout the US and beyond.


We’ve partnered with several digital marketing agencies and professionals over the years to assist with providing their clients with SEO.

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