We’re a tiny and mighty boutique SEO agency with expertise in full stack, enterprise SEO. Since 2009 we’ve worked with a variety of big brands and small businesses that include ecommerce, industrial, health tech, SaaS, startups, travel and tourism and many others. We also partner with select digital marketing agencies to provide white-label SEO for their clients.

Management team

Josh Laughtland: Lead Consultant and Founder

Josh Laughtland

Josh has been optimizing websites for search since the original dot-com boom when he was an in-house SEO for a prominent Bay Area SaaS startup. And, for constantly reminding us that “he was there, man”.

Josh leads our optimization efforts, provides consulting and project management and was a web developer/SEO consultant for over 30 companies before launching Jtree SEO in 2009.

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Anne Hopkins: Managing Director

Anne Hopkins

Anne has been around almost as long as our founder and joined Jtree with a strong background in community and business management.

Anne is responsible for operations, assists with marketing and takes incredible care of our clients AND is well known for initiating running man dance-off competitions (which she always wins).

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Born in Boise, grown in PDX, serving clients nationally

Our love affair with Boise began in June 2009. Stepping onto Idaho Street, coffee in hand, the Capitol building rising before us, we knew: this was it. The vibrant City of Trees, buzzing with creativity and potential, was the perfect soil for Jtree to take root.

We started small, serving local and regional clients with a passion for digital growth. But our roots ran deep, and by year’s end, we were spreading branches across state lines. Partnerships with a national tech agency and several local digital marketing firms fueled our rapid growth.

Westward bound

As Jtree blossomed, so did our desire to explore new landscapes. Portland, with its unique blend of innovation and bohemian spirit, beckoned. Having helped two local startups climb the SEO ladder, we understood the city’s creative pulse. Bikes, beards and beautiful people – we were smitten. In 2014, we proudly set down roots here.

Our story isn’t just about geography. It’s about passion, collaboration and a deep commitment to helping brand and businesses thrive. We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships, understanding our client’s unique needs and tailoring solutions that drive real results.

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