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Kount by Equifax is a leading digital identity and fraud prevention company that helps businesses protect against online fraud and identity theft.

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Full stack SEO service and consulting
  • CRM integration, live dashboard, weekly reporting, meetings, status updates
  • 1,000+ pages

What we did

Kount initially approached us for assistance with an audit that lead to the discovery of a significant organic search opportunity. After hiring us for an ongoing engagement our lead consultant established an SEO division complete with a multi-year strategic approach and cross-department integration.

Our consultant’s efforts reversed a historic organic search traffic/visibility downturn and dominated organic search results for all top non-branded keyphrases over the course of a two and a half year effort. This led to a considerable increase in Google page one results for non-branded keyphrases from 5 to over 400, annual unique visitors by 50% and conversions by 75%.

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Source: Google

How we did it

Our consultant developed, implemented and managed an organic search-first SEO strategy across multiple departments. This involved the creation of an annual strategic roadmap and ongoing collaboration with content development, events, paid search, PR, partners, sales, social media and management teams. Weekly reports and a live analytics dashboard that combined data from multiple sources were used to keep internal teams updated on projects and performance.

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Jtree SEO Testimonial from Kount

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