SEO Hiring Guide

Exceptional SEO extends beyond the website.

SEO is so much more than just traditional digital marketing. It requires a fundamental understanding of the technology that powers the web. The most effective SEO companies and consultants possess in-depth knowledge of website development, design, hosting and domain names and can optimize almost any website, regardless of platform, CMS or programming language.

They not only are capable of acquiring valuable organic search engine exposure but maintaining it by strictly adhering to search engine guidelines and protocols.

A good SEO will try to prioritize what ideas can bring your business the most improvement for the least investment, and what improvements may take more time, but help growth in the long term. – Maile Ohye, Google

3-step SEO hiring guide

Our SEO hiring guide outlines how to engage us for an ongoing effort that typically involves planning, analysis, strategy, support, research, implementation, management and reporting. In other words – SEO campaign management.

Step 1: Discovery

We need to learn about your services and/or products, objectives, competition and expectations to determine the most optimal organic search optimization approach. The easiest way to do this is to schedule a quick meeting with us.

Step 2: SEO proposal

In order to create an effective proposal, we assess your existing level of website optimization, current organic search result positioning and top competitors. This process normally takes us between 1-4 days to complete depending on scale and scope.

Step 3: SEO kickoff

Upon acceptance of our proposal agreement, we’ll dig right in with an in-depth sitewide analysis. During the first month of service, our goal is to develop and implement a strategic roadmap and workflow aligned with your objectives.

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