Client featured in official Google Search Notes launch video

Earlier this month one of our amazing clients, The Big Outside, was featured in an official product launch video for Google Notes in search results.

Check them out at the 30-second mark!

What are Google Notes in search results?

Not to be confused with Google Keep, Google Notes allows users to share their knowledge directly in search results, providing insights and tips on articles or topics. They are designed to complement existing web content by introducing user generated content (UGC) to search results.

For example, say you click on a website after searching. If the page you visited was insightful, missing something or just plain awful, you can leave a note about it once you return to search results. You can also view other people’s notes.

My first Google Note

Here’s my first Note that I left on a Tom’s Guide search result because I was forced to view two pages of ads before I could exit. Ugh! Of course, Notes are sharable!

My first Google Note in Search

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