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SEO Consulting

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SEO Consulting

Assistance, support and management of difficult search engine optimization issues.

Crawl Testing

Website Crawl Testing

A comprehensive crawl of a given website that finds broken links, tests website scripts, analyzes page titles and metadata, locates duplicate content and allows us to review site structure and on-site optimization elements.

Our crawler is software that safely scans the contents of an entire website in a fashion similar to how Google’s own crawler (Googlebot) operates. Crawling allows us to assess multiple optimization elements and save a footprint of the website that can later be used for comparison and analysis purposes.

Note: Crawl testing is also included with auditing.

Keyphrase Analysis with Historical Search Volume

SEO Analysis

Easily discover which keyphrases are worth focusing on by reviewing a report featuring historical Google search volume data.


SEO Troubleshooting

We assist companies with optimization issues like site speed, security and structured data markup. We also help identify problems relevant to search engine visibility. This is often a great place to start if your website experiences a sudden loss of visitors or search result visibility.

Website and Domain Migrations

Website Migration

Preserve organic search engine authority throughout the duration of a website or domain name migration by having our team manage or participate in the migration project.

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