Google Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals – 4 Ways to Test

Google Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals – 4 Ways to Test

April 22, 2021 google-algorithm-updates 0
Google Page Experience Update

In case you live under a rock or still use Alta Vista as your search engine, it’s important to know that Google has pushed back the rollout of their Page Experience Update that includes Core Web Vitals ranking signals to mid-June.

Core Web Vitals represent a set of new user experience measurements for web pages that were originally slated to go live on May 1st with the Google Page Experience Update.

The Google Page Experience Update represents existing search result ranking signals combined with Core Web Vitals. Web pages will need to pass Google’s test before they receive new search result ranking signal weight.

How to Test Core Web Vitals?

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights – Websites need to score “good” in field data for all 3 web vitals to pass and be eligible for the new signal weight.
  2. Google Search Console Page Experience Report – Combines the existing Core Web Vitals with other page experience signals, such as HTTPS security, interstitials, safe browsing status and mobile-friendliness.
  3. Web Vitals Chrome Extension – Measures Core Web Vitals, provides instant feedback on loading, interactivity and layout shift metrics, and is consistent with how these metrics are measured by Chrome and reported to other Google tools.
  4. Experte Core Web Vitals Check – Crawl up to 500 pages or use a list of URLs to check Core Web Vitals for a large number of pages.

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