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We're a small group of experienced professionals distributed throughout the Northwest and managed by our CEO and CCO.

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Jtree SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) company focused on providing organizations located throughout the US with SEO service and consulting.

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Company History

We launched in beautiful Boise, Idaho in 2009 and eventually migrated our headquarters to Portland, Oregon in addition to maintaining a presence on the Oregon Coast.

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Josh Laughtland



Josh is a bit old-school, having been optimizing websites for search since the original dot-com boom in San Francisco. And, for always reminding all of us that "he was there, man". Josh leads our optimization team, provides consulting and project management to agencies and was a web developer/SEO for over 30 companies before launching Jtree SEO in 2009.



Anne Hopkins

Chief Client Officer


Anne has almost been around as long as our CEO and has a strong background in the nonprofit and hospitality industries. Anne takes incredible care of our clients, represents Jtree SEO at events and conferences and is known for initiating running man dance-off competitions (which she always wins).



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Let's team up! We provide a discount for digital marketing organizations. Give your clients the gift of Jtree!

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We Fight the Good Fight, Too

Our team has donated service to Advocates for the West for years. They fight to protect the West's most valuable natural resources. We help them reach audiences on search engines.

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