SEO Hiring Guide

Exceptional SEO extends beyond the website

SEO is so much more than just traditional digital marketing. It requires a fundamental understanding of the technology that powers the web. The most effective SEO companies possess in-depth knowledge of website development, design, hosting and domain names and can optimize almost any website, regardless of platform, CMS or programming language.

They not only are capable of acquiring valuable organic search engine exposure but maintaining it by strictly adhering to search engine guidelines and protocols.

A good SEO will try to prioritize what ideas can bring your business the most improvement for the least investment, and what improvements may take more time, but help growth in the long term. – Maile Ohye, Google

SEO Hiring Guide Steps

Step 1: Starting the hiring process

In order to develop an effective proposal, we need to know about your services and/or products, competition, objectives and most importantly – expectations. After contacting us, our team will respond with a few simple questions to assist with conducting research.

Step 2: The SEO proposal

SEO proposals come in many formats, where the most common are for ongoing service, project management, consulting and website auditing. Some SEOs will require contracts, whereas other companies (like us) utilize a simple monthly agreement.

All Jtree SEO proposals request 30 days notice before canceling instead of a multi-month contract.

Once you have evaluated and signed our proposal agreement we’ll begin the kickoff process. Please keep in mind that most SEO proposals take 1 to 4 days to complete and that service typically launches within 1 to 2 weeks of signing the proposed agreement.

Step 3: SEO kickoff

Upon receipt of a signed proposal and invoice, our team will launch your SEO campaign starting with a site-wide analysis. Within the first month of service, our goal is to develop a strategic roadmap and workflow as well as carry out initial implementation.

The first month of service launches:

  • Initial site-wide analysis.
  • Site crawling and auditing to identify critical issues like broken links, redirection loops and duplicate/competing content issues.
  • Strategic workflow roadmap development to maintain on-site, off-site and technical optimizations.
  • Website alert monitoring for search result rankings, backlinks and visitor traffic variations.
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting that highlights the performance of the previous period.
  • SEO dashboard for viewing live reports and monitoring workflow.
  • Initial search engine optimization implementation.

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Our SEO hiring guide was designed to assist with learning more about our hiring process. Jtree is a Boise SEO company and Portland SEO company that has provided managed SEO and consulting for organizations throughout the US since 2009.