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Website SEO Testing

4 Critical SEO Tests Your Site Must Pass

There are so many SEO tests available these days. So many irrelevant SEO tests, so few that actually mean something. The following SEO tests are focused on organic search result ranking signals and are considered by most SEO companies as cornerstone tests that every website needs to pass.

Mobile-Friendliness SEO Test

Google now ranks websites based on their mobile version. And, to a certain degree, how well your website displays on mobile devices. Enter the mobile-friendliness SEO ranking signal. There's only one test your site needs to pass and it is provided by the gatekeepers themselves.

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Site Speed SEO Test

Speed is EVERYTHING, literally, EVERYTHING! It's not only a weighted organic search ranking signal - it's also a big deal to your site visitors. How fast you might inquire? Below 2 seconds is how fast!

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It's one thing to have an SSL certificate for your website in place, quite another to ensure it is actually working properly. Just like above, it too is a weighted ranking signal. Keep in mind that your site needs to pass with a grade C or better.

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Structured Data SEO Test

Similar to mobile-friendliness, Google provides a structured data testing tool to make sure the markup on your website is working properly. This tool is a must if your website deploys structured data. While not necessarily a ranking signal, structured data has the potential for being displayed prominently in organic search results.

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